Center of Nuclear Technology in Medicine

Nuclear technology is widely used in medical sciences. After the discovery of radioactivity, the use of radioactive materials and ionizing radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases has increased widely, and today many diagnostic and therapeutic methods of medicine are not possible without these technologies. The development of nuclear imaging techniques not only helps to diagnose diseases more accurately, but also provides a new tool for researchers to identify the mechanism and progression of diseases, develop therapeutic drugs, and study metabolic processes. Today, due to the high importance of nuclear technologies in medicine, the developed countries of the world do a lot of research and investments both in the field of diagnostics (PET and SPECT) and in the field of treatment.
The IMSAT for the further growth of the country in the framework of sustainable development, knowledge-based economy and development vision document by using the abilities of its professors and researchers and cooperation with other researchers inside and outside the country. The country, using close communication between basic science specialists, engineers, pharmacists and physicians, seeks to create the necessary infrastructure to advance nuclear technologies and their application in medicine. Research areas in this group include medical radiochemistry, preclinical and clinical research, and the development of image processing engineering.
The IMSAT, as the first center in the country, is launching a laboratory for research and development of medical radiochemistry for the manufacture and development of radiopharmaceuticals, and in this regard, it is cooperating with prestigious universities in France, Denmark and Germany. Among the accomplishment obtained by this center in the IMSAT, it worth to mention the request from European countries to this center for developing radiopharmaceutical protocols and their synthesis.