Institute of Medical Science and Technology

International Collaborations and Networking

Due to the fact that all the faculty members of the IMSAT are Iranian elites graduated from top universities in European or North American countries, strong international connections between the IMSAT faculty members and scientific centers abroad are the characteristics of the IMSAT.

There are several memoranda of understanding for scientific cooperation with universities in France, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Exchanging students and faculty members, holding scientific conferences, collaborating on research projects, launching joint PhD programs, and obtaining research funding from international organizations are some examples of the provisions of our memoranda of understanding with these international centers. Some of our partner centers are:

    • University of Southern California: Global Enigma Project - Department of Sleep Studies
    • University of South Denmark: Collaboration in conducting joint research in imaging, teacher-student exchange, joint master's and doctoral courses
    • IMT Atlantique - Campus of Nantes, cooperation in conducting joint research, exchange of professors and students, joint training courses in master's and doctoral degrees
    • University of Groningen, the Netherlands, collaboration in joint research, professor-student exchange
    • Max Planck Institute Tübingen, Germany: Collaboration in joint research, faculty-student exchange
    • Ulysses Research Center, Germany: Collaboration in joint research, professor-student exchange
    • University of Düsseldorf, Germany: Collaboration in joint research, professor-student exchange