Special attention to the health and well-being of students, staff, and faculty has been taken in to account. That is why we have provided some amenities.

  • Student Room: Next to the library of Professor Aslan Zarabi, there is a room with water house facilities for students to relax, make tea and coffee, a refrigerator, shelves for personal belongings and furniture. The responsibility of maintaining these devices and facilities lies with the students themselves.

  • The council room with audio-visual facilities is located on the first floor for meetings of up to ten people. If you need to use this room, please contact the office manager in the first-floor office.


  • Amphitheater placed the research institute on the ground floor with a capacity of 56 people and audio-visual facilities. If you need to use this hall, please refer to Ms. Habibi in the administrative section.


  • Fajr University Pool is located right next to the building of the Research Institute of Medical Sciences and Technologies. All students, faculty members and staff of the university can use the facilities of this pool at a discount.
  • The sports field, including athletics, football, tennis, etc., is located in the southwestern part of the university and can be used by students and university staff in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • IMSAT has held dozens of specialized courses and short-term workshops to educate students and colleagues in the fields of medical science and technology.
  • We ask all users of university facilities to maintain the university and its facilities as your home.