Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Iranian Human Brain Mapping Congress

Brain mapping as an interdisciplinary science in which basic science and engineering scientists work alongside physicians is the study of the brain using a set of technologies in which the structure or function of the brain is shown as a multidimensional map. The benefit of these maps is to facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between the structure, function, genetics, or chemical composition of the brain. The information captured from the brain by devices such as MRI, PET, MEG, EEG, TMS can be combined with different clinical or laboratory data to answer different questions.

The IMSAT is the flagship of brain mapping science in Iran. It has been holding the largest brain mapping congress in the country with the participation of some of the world's most prominent scientist in this field from European and North American countries every year since 2014. The result of these activities has been the conclusion of international contracts, scientific collaborations, student and professor exchanges with some of the best research centers.