Institute of Medical Science and Technology


The students in MSc program are required to pass a total of 32 credits, which are 9 credits of core courses which are approved by the MSRT, 2 credits of seminar, 6 credits of thesis, and 15 credits for elective or core courses. The core courses, approved by the MSRT, are as follows:
  • Biomedical instrumentation
  • Electrophysiology
  • Medical signal processing
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Control of neuro-muscular systems
  • Modeling of biological systems
The elective courses are selected and presented from the list approved by the MSRT according to the professional background of the faculty members. The main research interest of the faculty members of the IMSAT is about engineering issues in the neuroscience field. Therefore, courses including neural networks, artificial intelligence, brain and cognition, brain functional imaging, pattern recognition are taught here. Moreover, the IMSAT collaborates in other departments and institutes at the SBU for educational courses, such as BSc in medical engineering, PhD in Sports Physiology, PhD in Psychology, and PhD in Cognitive Sciences. This research institute is the only institute offering medical electrochemistry, magnetoencephalography and microscopic imaging courses in the country.