Clinical Research Center

It is essential to examine patients and give them an advice in the clinical research projects. For this reason, the research institute has established a special clinic to visit patients. It is important to evaluate patients' clinical signs and their relationship to biomarkers in the blood or changes seen on imaging. In this clinic, patients are examined clinically and relevant information is obtained from them to use in the research. Each physician from the research institute visits patients in this clinic based on their clinical expertise and research interests. The facilities of this clinic can be used by researchers who are outside the SBU.
This group is responsible to evaluate new medical technologies and use them in the research institute. In this group, medical specialists work with the engineering group to solve health problems, test technology or discover new applications of existing technologies. The use of inventions and innovations that engineers create for use in the health system is not possible without clinical evaluation of the patients. Most engineering projects are started from the beginning in consultation with the doctors of the research institute and during several meetings. Sometimes physicians work with engineers to find new applications for an existing technology. For example, MRI machines are available in many parts of the country today, but medical engineering research in this field finds new applications for diagnosing or monitoring the disease. In some research projects, physicians combine clinical information with laboratory and imaging information and examine their relationship to each other, making it possible for biomarkers to predict the course of disease. In some other projects, cellular-molecular studies on tissue and its association with diseases are investigated.
The physicians in the clinic are:
•    Dr. Mojtaba Zarei, Professor of Neurology from London
•    Dr. Saeed Mahmoudian, Associate Professor of Hearing Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences
•    Dr. Musa Attarzadeh, neurologist from Tehran
•    Dr. Amin Jahanbakhshi, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Iran University of Medical Sciences
•    Dr. Afsaneh Tajer, psychiatrist and specialist in learning disabilities and epilepsy from London
•    Dr. Hamid Reza Rakhsat Yazdi, Neurologist, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences