Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Institute's Charter

The main charter of establishing this research institute is interdisciplinary cooperation, meritocracy, attention to the society needs, dissemination of scientific and technological skills and transferring new technologies to the country using the establishment of extensive international connections. During the short life o IMSAT, it was very successful in making strong international connections and scientific collaborations with top rank universities and scientific centers. Our efforts have been focused on educating better students, conducting effective research, spreading and disseminating science nationally and internationally, and building important scientific infrastructures. The strategy of this research institute has always been to attract young elites, based on meritocracy and measurable abilities. Accordingly, this research institute has succeeded in attracting more than ten Iranian elites abroad in the fields of medicine and engineering. The IMSAT is perhaps the only research institution in Iran, where specialist physicians, engineers, and basic science researchers work together side by side.


  1. Act according to the law and professional ethics that originate from the teachings and beliefs of Islam
  2. The national interest takes precedence
  3. Prioritize based on the needs of the country
  4. Self-confidence and meritocracy in all aspects of work
  5. Respect for the dignity of science, scientist and university
  6. Focus on quality rather than quantity in scientific productivity
  7. Attracting faithful, specialized and experienced people in the country
  8. Setting the standard in medical technologies
  9. Training and education in appropriate use of medical technologies
  10. Transfer of modern medical technologies to the country
  11. Attracting Iranian elites from abroad
  12. Educating young elites for the future of Iran
  13. Cooperation with other research centers and faculties inside and outside the University to increase the quality of research institute performance