National Brain Bank of Iran

The brain bank is an important research infrastructure for collecting, storing and studying brain tissue and the nervous system. Extraction of these tissues from the body of the deceased is possible only with his permission during his life or with the permission of the family in the first place. These brains are obtained from patients suffering from brain or psychiatric illness or normal people (for comparison). In this way, brain tissues from various diseases are provided to scientists and researchers to research and unravel the secrets of the brain. The kernels are stored in formalin or at temperatures below 80 degrees. All brains are examined pathologically for a definitive diagnosis. All clinical information and lifetime imaging of patients are also collected to determine the association of clinical symptoms or imaging with pathological changes in the brain. In Iran, all consent and autopsy operations are performed only by the centers of the country's forensic medicine organization.




In 2016, the Research Institute of Medical Sciences and Technologies became responsible for establishing the National Brain Bank of Iran through separate agreements with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Forensic Medicine Organization. This bank is equipped with the financial support of the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health and the Forensic Medicine Organization. All activities of the National Brain Bank are approved and supervised by the National Committee of Medical Ethics.


  1. Meeting some of the country's research needs in neuroscience
  2. Preservation of brain tissue for research studies and medical education
  3. Providing brain tissue for scientific use by researchers and scientists in the country
  4. Educate researchers, and specialists in the proper use of brain tissue
  5. Establishing international relations to upgrade the scientific level and transfer new technologies in cellular-molecular sciences to the country

The bank is governed by a scientific council. All questionnaires, instructions and work regulations in the bank will be applicable after approval by the Scientific Council. All tissue applicants send their application to the bank. The Scientific Council reviews the request and announces the result. All research projects are subject to the approval of the ethics committee. The Scientific Council monitors the process of using the tissue and the information obtained from it.

People who are interested in donating their brain after death to the National Brain Bank of Iran can contact the office of this bank. The National Brain Bank of Iran invites all researchers in the country to cooperate and provides them with its facilities.